SE-2. La Senda

  • None, except livestock resting places (descansaderos) and droveway signs.
  • Binoculars and telescope.
  • Pastureland
  • Holm-Oak woods and dehesas
  • Scrubland
  • Riverside bushes and shrubs
  • All year round. Summer days can be scorching but the most attractive steppic species are present only in summer so we might have to brave the heat to see them.
  • Early morning or midday. Light is more favourable in the afternoon if the route is followed backwards.
The droveway called Ca帽ada Real de La Senda enters Seville province through a curiously mixed landscape of classic Sierra Morena hillside scenery with flatter almost steppe-like plains. This has given a foothold to species otherwise rare in the area like Black-Bellied Sandgrouse, Little Bustard, Stone Curlew and Calandra Lark, rubbing shoulders in the valley of the Rivera de Benalija with Golden- and Imperial-Eagle, Cinereous Vulture and Red Kite. Great Spotted Cuckoo and Chough form equally odd bedfellows with Polecat, Wild Cat and lizards like the Spanish Psammodromus. More information in the book Birding and Nature Trails in Sierra Morena Sevillana.

Text and images: Rafael Romero Porrino

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