SE-8. Los Covachos

  • None, except for a small stretch that coincides with the GR-48 and some information panels.
  • Binoculars.
  • Riverside woodland and bushes
  • Disused quarries
  • Dehesas
  • Pasture and olive groves
  • Scrubland
  • Winter (end of November to March).
  • Any, though mornings might be more promising.
This short walk takes us to some of the disused mines that made the town so famous in the past and then along the Las Calzadillas stream to the cave called Cueva de Los Covachos, justly famous for its geological features and cave paintings. Typical rock-loving birds we might see here are Crag Martin, Rock Bunting, Blue Rock Thrush and Red-Rumped Swallow plus Black Wheatear and Black Redstart in winter. Riverside thickets are home to Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, Siskin and Cirl Bunting. Red Kite, Griffon Vulture, Kestrel, Buzzard and Sparrow Hawk are the commonest raptors. More information in the book Birding and Nature Trails in Sierra Morena Sevillana.

Text and images: Rafael Romero Porrino

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