CO-15. The Station

  • None
  • Binoculars
  • River and riverside vegetation
  • Dehesas
  • All year
  • Any
The River Guadiato flows into Sierra Morena Cordobesa through attractive dehesas of gnarled old Holm Oaks and a wide fertile valley. The riverside vegetation is a rich mix of Willow, Ash, Oleander, Reedmace, Common Reed, Giant Cane and Brambles, providing refuge for some of the scarcest local birds like Great Reed Warbler, Spanish Sparrow and Water Rail, plus Wild Boar and Genet. White Stork, Lapwing, Southern Grey Shrike, Azure-Winged Magpie and Black Kike all feed in the surrounding Holm-Oak woods and pastureland. More information in the book Birding and Nature Trails in Sierra Morena Cordobesa.

Text and images: Rafael Romero Porrino

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