Who are we?

Asociación para el Desarrollo Integral del Territorio de Sierra Morena

The Association for the Integral Development of Sierra Morena (Asociación para el Desarrollo Integral del Territorio de Sierra Morena, shortened to ADIT-Sierra Morena), is a non-profit-making association set up in 2006 with the main remit of developing Sierra Morena. Its current members are 57 local councils of Sierra Morena, associations of local authorities and Rural Development Groups (Grupos de Desarrollo) of Sierra Morena, the provincial councils of Jaén, Córdoba, Seville and Huelva plus tourism businesses trading in Sierra Morena. ADIT’s  prime activity at the moment is running the Sierra Morena Tourism Plan (Plan Turístico de Sierra Morena). This aims to consolidate Sierra Morena as a sustainable tourism destination through a six-point action plan, improving and structuring local demand and supply, creating products and setting up a quality-based, environment-friendly tourism-planning and -management model that is compatible with a sustainable use of resources.

Birdwatching Tourism Project in Sierra Morena

One of the action lines of the  Sierra Morena Tourism Plan is the “Creation, Development and Improvement of Tourism Products by means of Destination Optimisation and Excellence”. In September 2009 work began on setting up a birdwatching-based tourism product within this action line. After taking stock of the outstanding components of this resource a total of 62 trails have been created and selected throughout the four provinces, taking in the birds and other fauna, the scenery and most striking flora of Sierra Morena. The overall aim is to boost the regional economy by means of overnight stays in local accommodation, eating out in local restaurants, purchases in local shops and the hiring of active-tourism services.

These trails have been set down in the four books making up the collection Birding and Nature Trails in Sierra Morena (one each respectively for the districts of Huelva, Sevilla, Córdoba and Jaén). Each book has been published in Spanish and English. They can be bought in local shops and also in specialist bookshops and online shops in Spain and abroad.

This web page gives a summary of each trail with a brief description, factfile, map, images and GPS track.

Another of the resources found in this website is the Guide to the Birds of Sierra Morena, a complete online catalogue of each and every species recorded within our territory. This information is linked in to the different birding trails and the various companies of the MITO Network trading in the area, helping you to plan any birdwatching visit to Sierra Morena proactively according to the target species sought and commercial support required. The MITO Network (Red MITO) is a grouping of accommodation establishments and active-tourism firms and currently constitutes one of the main working lines of ADIT-Sierra Morena.

The Project to Encourage Birdwatching Tourism in Sierra Morena (Proyecto de Fomento del Turismo Ornitológico en Sierra Morena) also aims to promote Sierra Morena as a birdwatching tourism destination; to this end several birdwatching products are being set up in the area. With this aim in mind we are attending top-level birdwatching fairs like the British Birdfair or the International Birdwatching Fair of Monfragüe (Feria Internacional de Ornitología de Monfragüe) as well as other national and international events to showcase the area’s birdwatching potential and the supporting firms of Red Mito. The idea here is to promote the area effectively and secure an ongoing commercial payback for all the investment made.


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