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The Guide to the Birds of Sierra Morena is a complete online catalog of all the species listed in our geographical area, with first-hand information from the field, as well as prior references. Of each species is exposed as a tab-independent downloadable pdf-format habitat preferences, dates shown, territorial distribution, abundance level or category of threat, and their singing and a table with routes you can see it in each province. In turn, routes and tracks are available online and connected by links, so that the user can access the relevant information of the routes you may spot the bird in question. Accessing the Red Mito tab accommodations may know «birder-friendly» in each area and the tourism companies that offer guided tours for birding (birdwatching) in it, which will facilitate the planning of visits Sierra Morena by ornithologists and naturalists.

Fieldwork and the texts of the Guide have been conducted by Rafael Romero Porrino. The drawings of the various species are the work of Jose Antonio Sencianes Ortega.

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