H-11. Family-friendly trail: Los Chorros de Ollarancos Waterfall

  • Signposted almost throughout as a short-distance hiking track
  • Binoculars. A telescope would be handy at the start of the walk
  • Pinewoods, Cork Oak and Chestnut woods and riverside copses
  • Orchards and Mediterranean scrub
  • Winter to early spring (December to April), although it is an agreeable walk at almost any time of year)
  • Any, though an early-morning start is best to have the light in our favour on the fi rst stretch
This short walk takes us to one of the prime beauty spots of the Sierra, the waterfall called Los Chorros de Ollarancos, set in lush scenery of Mediterranean scrubland with Pines, stately Portuguese Oaks and Cork Oaks. Wintering birds such as Bullfinch, Redwing and Siskin are our main targets here. Towards the end of winter the Iberian Chiffchaff joins the throng, a species almost endemic to the western Iberian Peninsula. Two spectacular butterflies also live in the area, the Two-Tailed Pasha and Scarce Swallowtail. More information in the book Birding and Nature Trails in Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche.

Text and images: Rafael Romero Porrino

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