H-17. Rivera de Alcalaboza

  • None
  • Binoculars. A telescope would come in handy though it is not essential
  • Riverside shrubs
  • Mediterranean scrub
  • Holm-Oak woods
  • Spring and summer (April to July)
  • Dawn or dusk; the light is more favourable during the morning
The River Alcalaboza is an important tributary of the River Chanza, refuge of the world’s main population of the ray-finned fish Anaecypris hispanica, locally called “jarabugo”. This small and threatened fish shares the area with birds like White-Rumped Swift, Short-Toed Eagle, Cinereous Vulture, Kingfisher, White Wagtail, Turtle Dove, Bee-eater, Hoopoe, Moorhen and Sand Martin (its only known breeding site in the Sierra). Patient observers are normally rewarded with an Otter sighting, while Mediterranean Pond Turtles and Viperine Snakes are even easier to spot. More information in the book Birding and Nature Trails in Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche.

Text and images: Rafael Romero Porrino

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